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The first NASA Workshop on FEM and FEA hosted by the FEMCI group was held at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland on May 18, 2000. The goal of the workshop was to bring together structural analysts from the aerospace community to discuss and exchange structural analysis knowledge and experience, and to gain contacts for future projects and knowledge exchanges.

The daylong workshop was comprised of 11 half-hour presentations on topics related to practical issues of challenging finite element modeling and analysis problems. A total of 65 participants attended the event, which included displays by 7 vendors. The workshop provided a forum for structural analysts to establish contacts with their peers in the aersospace industry, and learn about the state of the art in finite element analysis.

We would like to thank the presentors, vendors, and attendees for making the event a success. We hope that the interaction initiated at the conference will continue to develop.

Presentations published online Workshop Presentations are available for downloading. Two versions are available, MS Powerpoint and Adobe Acrobat. Authors' e-mail addresses and the presentation abstracts are also available.
Survey Attendees to the workshop should have received an invitation to take an online survey. The URL for that survey will not be posted. If you attended the workshop but did not receive an invitation and would like to participate, please send a message to We encourage you to take the survey if you attended the workshop. This will help us in planning any future workshops.
Participating Vendors A list of participating vendors is available.

Finite element analysis is a versatile, powerful, and necessary tool for flight hardware development. When used properly, numerical modeling and simulation can predict performance and reliability, which are critical to reducing development costs and preventing failures in testing and flight. While modern computer hardware and software has drastically reduced finite element modeling effort, simulation fidelity remains largely based on the analyst's judgment and experience. Even with current computer capabilities, finite element models require significant approximations of geometry, materials, and loading conditions. As a result, the analyst must understand both the simulation software tools and the simulated hardware.


The purpose of the workshop is to provide a forum to exchange experiences with difficult but practical modeling and analysis issues and to make contacts with other engineers doing similar analysis. Particular emphasis is placed on -- but not limited to -- challenging problems encountered in hardware development and corresponding finite element modeling based resolutions. The objective is to share expertise and cut overhead involved with addressing challenging problems that may appear periodically across the industry. The objective also includes helping to establish a regional network among experienced finite element analysts for dynamic and continuing exchange of expertise.

Dates Workshop Dates:
  • FEB-07-2000 Officially Announced Workshop, call for Abstracts
  • MAR-17-2000 Presentation Abstracts and Proposals due
  • APR-07-2000 Notification of Accepted Presentations
  • MAY-05-2000 Online registration cut off for non-US citizens (unless you already have GSFC clearance)
  • MAY-05-2000 Presentations due for Web publication
  • MAY-10-2000 Online Registration cut off for US citizens
  • MAY-18-2000 Workshop Held


Workshop Committee

Co-chairs Dr. Jonathan Kuhn and Ryan Simmons
Abstracts: Dr. John Johnston
Abstract Publicity/Organization: Scott Gordon
Promotion/Advertising: Dr. Jonathan Kuhn, Ryan Simmons
Registration: Bob Coladonato
Security/badging for non-GSFC attendees: Deb Wheeler
Master of Ceremonies: Jeff Bolognese
Lodging and Travel: Leslie Hartz
Web Site: Ryan Simmons

For more information on FEMCI see:

Contact Information

Dr. Jonathan Kuhn 301-286-4278
Ryan Simmons 301-286-5937

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