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    FEMCI Workshop 2003 Presentations

    Below are the FEMCI Workshop 2003 presentations. All presentations are provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format and most are also provided in MS Powerpoint (Office 2000) format. Several authors have provided additional animations. If you have questions on any presentation, please contact the author directly. Unfortunately, two presenters requested their work not be put online.

    Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

    Please take note of the size of the files before downloading, as some are quite large. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the icon to the right and you will be taken to the Acrobat page where you can download it.

    - Dan Kaufman - NASA GSFC
    Integrating Structural Analysis and Test at NASA GSFC
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 141KB

    - Benjamin Rodini, Cengiz Kunt, Stephen Chaykovsky - Swales Aerospace
    Development of Graphite Composite Blade Flexures for Mounting of the GLAST ACD Scintillating Tiles
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 3.9MB
    Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 7.4MB

    - Victor Genberg, Keith Doyle, Gregory Michels - Sigmadyne, Inc.
    Optomechanical Design and Analysis of Adaptive Optical Systems using FEA and Optical Design Software
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 920KB
    Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 930KB

    - Mark McGinnis - Swales Aerospace
    Application of NASTRAN Sensitivity Coefficients To the Design of High performance Optical Systems
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 387KB Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 547KB

    - Andrew Brown, Richard Seugling - NASA Marshall
    Using Plate Finite Elements for Modeling Fillets in Design, Optimization, and Dynamic Analysis
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 343KB
    Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 2.1MB

    - Daniel Young, Dhafer Marzougui, Nabih Bedewi - George Washington Univ.
    Roadside Hardware Safety Evaluation and Improvement using LS-DYNA
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 789KB

    - David Sleight, Alexander Tessler - NASA Langley
    Effective Modeling of Thin-Film Shells Exhibiting Wrinkling Deformations
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 700KB
    Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 3.6MB

    - Eric Poole - NASA Marshall
    Finite Element Analysis of Membrane Test Panels
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 675KB
    Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 302KB

    - W. Aki, A. Baz - University of Maryland
    Design of Quiet Underwater Shells in a Virtual Reality Environment
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 2.4MB
    Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 20.5MB!
    Movie tor1.mpg - 26.2MB!

    - Apurva Varia - NASA Goddard
    Thermal Model of MEMS Thruster
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 678KB
    Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 2.6MB
    Movie TestFiring.mpeg - 3.2MB

    - Abed Khaskia - Mallett Technologies
    An Explicit-Implicit Analysis Scheme in a General-Purpose FEA Environment
    Acrobat Acrobat Format - 884KB
    Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 2.3MB
    Movie stampExp.avi - 1.6MB