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We are happy to make the presentations from the FEMCI Workshop 2004 available. If you have questions about the presentations, please contact the author directly. Get Adobe Acrobat Reader All presentations are available in PDF format and some are also available in Powerpoint format. The Adobe Acrobat PDF reader is available for free if you do not already have it installed.

- Dr. Ed Fasanella, Keynote Speaker - NASA Langley
An Investigation of the Impact Damage Threshold of Space Shuttle Leading Edge Wing Panels
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 62.6MB (movies and animations have been removed from the presentation)

- Dr. Carl Blaurock - Midé Technology Corp.
Disturbance-Optics-Controls-Structures (DOCS)
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 1.0MB

- Mark McGinnis - Swales Aerospace, et al.
Integrated Modeling for the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) Project: Structural Analysis Activities
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 1.0MB
Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 4.4MB

- Jonathan Kuhn, Tim Carnahan - NASA GSFC, et al
JWST ISIM Primary Structure and Kinematic Mount Configuration
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 1.4MB
Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 4.3MB
Additional material:
Media Player format Mode 1 animation - 700KB
Media Player format Mode 2 animation - 700KB

- Andrew Bartoszyk - Swales Aerospace
Design/Analysis of Metal/Composite Bonded Joints for Survivability at Cryogenic Temperatures
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 5.6MB
Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 4.4MB

- Dr. Abed M. Khaskia - Mallett Technology
Magneto-structural Simulation of a MEMS Micro-shutter
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 900KB
Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 830KB
Additional material:
Media Player format micro-shutter.avi - 11.5MB
Media Player format shutter-sim.avi - 21.2MB
Media Player format sub-model.avi - 13.4MB

- Jason Mareno - Mallett Technology
Drop and Impact of Mobile Telephone
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 7.5MB
Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 3.7MB
Additional Material:
Media Player format front.avi - 330KB
Media Player format top.avi - 320KB
Media Player format top_vib.avi - 350KB

- Kyle C. Indermuehle - ATA Engineering
Dynamic and Impact Analysis of Aerospace Vehicles Using ABAQUS/Explicit
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 7.6MB
Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 4.5MB
Additional material:
Media Player format sat_1st_mode.avi - 10.6MB
Media Player format sat_anim.avi - 1.0MB
Media Player format sat_anim_deploy.avi - 1.8MB
Media Player format sat_flexible.avi - 6.0MB
Media Player format sat_flexible_fail.avi - 2.5MB
Media Player format sat_rigid_body.avi - 1.1MB

- Craig Stevens - NASA GSFC
Fastened Joint Analysis and Test Correlation of the MLA Beam Expander
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 5.7MB
Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 2.0MB
Additional material:
Media Player format Mode1_Pretest.AVI - 3.4MB
Media Player format Mode2_Pretest.AVI - 3.4MB

- Michael Lou and Houfei Fang - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Structural Analysis and Synthesis Tools for Solar Sails
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 810KB
Additional material:
AcrobatDTFM Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis for Long Masts - 600KB

- Frank E. Baginski - George Washington University, and Dr. Willi W. Schur - Retired
Exploring Elements That Obstruct The Successful Deployment Of Pumpkin Balloons
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 5.8MB

- Fred Perkins - Federal Engineering Associates
Use of Robust DesignTM by MSC Software for Automatic Aerospace Design, Performance Optimization, and Accelerating Engineering Development
Acrobat Acrobat Format - 2.3MB
Powerpoint Powerpoint Format - 2.3MB

Unfortunately, Dr. Fahim Sadek of NIST was not able to make his presentation available.