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FEMCI would like to thank all of you who made this year's workshop a complete success. We had the largest attendance, the most poster presenters, a full compliment of vendors, and all of the presentations—the heart of the FEMCI Workshop—were outstanding.

FEMCI would like to thank all the presenters for their hard work and preparation for the workshop. We would especially like to thank our Keynote speaker, Julie Kramer White, and our two invited speakers who made the trip across the Atlantic to join us, Tim Morris of NAFEMS and Jaap Wijker of Dutch Space BV.

Over the next week or two this website will be updated with links to the final presentations as well as to the posters that are supplied to us. Additionally, a photo gallery will be put up. An announcement will go out to the workshop announcement list when all is ready.


Ms. Julie Kramer White, NASA Engineering Safety Center (NESC) Discipline Expert in Mechanical Analysis was this year's workshop Keynote Speaker. Ms. Kramer White joined us to discuss the organization and charter of the NESC, the Mechanical Analysis Super Problem Resolution Team (SPRT), and it's support of Space Shuttle return to flight (RTF) activities. The title of her presentation is NASA Engineering Safety Center Mechanical Analysis SPRT Contributions to Return to Flight and it can be found on the Presentations page for downloading. FEMCI would like to extend our sincerest gratitue to Ms. Kramer White for being our Keynote Speaker in 2005.


FEMCI was also very pleased to have the following invited guest speakers at the 2005 workshop. Both presentations are available on the Presentations page.

Tim Morris, Chief Operating Officer of NAFEMS, in Glasgow, Scotland.
Mr. Morris spoke about the difficulties associated with determining whether new analysis technologies fit your real analysis purpose. The title of his presentation is Engineering Simulation: Is Your Analysis Fit For Purpose? Mr. Morris also attendED the poster/vendor session on Day 1 providing information on NAFEMS and what it has to offer analysts.

Jaap Wijker of Dutch Space BV and the Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
Mr. Wijker spoke on the topic of acoustic analysis of thin-film structures such as solar arrays using both finite and boundary element methods. His presentation is entitled An Adapted FEM/BEM Approach to Analyze the Structural Responses of Solar Arrays Exposed to a Reverberant Sound Field.


The FEMCI Workshop 2005 on Innovative Solutions to Structural Analysis and Test Problems was held at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on May 4 and 5, 2005. This was the sixth annual FEMCI (Finite Element Modeling Continuous Improvement) workshop hosted by FEMCI and the Mechanical Systems Analysis and Simulation Branch (Code 542) of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The goals of the workshop are to bring together engineers from the aerospace and general engineering community and from academia to exchange knowledge and experience in the fields of finite element modeling, structural mechanics and testing, and to establish a network among analysts. The emphasis of the workshop is on innovative solutions to challenging structural analysis problems encountered in hardware development and test programs. We would like to emphasize that mechanical testing is very much a part of the workshop and encourage people who have done work in this area to submit abstracts for presentations and posters.


The Workshop Announcement List is open. This is be our primary mode of contact besides this website for all FEMCI Workshops. As any news comes available, an announcement will be sent to the list as well as made on the website.


If you have specific questions or comments about the FEMCI Workshop 2005, please direct them to the appropriate committee member below.

Workshop coordinators:
  Jim Loughlin & Ryan Simmons
Abstracts, Posters & Scheduling:
  Mindy Jacobson
Website & Registration:
  Ryan Simmons
Additional workshop support:
  Sheila Wall, Graphics and Printing
  Ilene Sokolsky, Refreshments
  Craig Stevens, Announcements, PR and facilities
  Jim Loughlin, Vendor Coordination