NOTE: FEMCI has ceased to be an active organization inside NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. For posterity, this is how FEMCI was described when it was active. This website is being maintained as an archive of the information gathered while the group was still active. —October 2009

The Finite Element Modeling Continuous Improvement group was originally established in 1994 as a mechanism for structural analysts to exchange information on finite element analysis (FEA) techniques, to provide a resource for peer review of analysis efforts, and to act as a system for FEA knowledge capture for the group. While the overall goals of FEMCI have not changed, the scope has been broadened. Although FEA is still a primary concern, FEMCI seeks to encompass all the analytical techniques necessary for a complete and accurate structural analysis of spacecraft and spacecraft components. The analysts involved in FEMCI need access to and familiarization with a wide variety of analytical tools and techniques ranging from computer intensive dynamics and kinematic analyses to detailed hand stress analysis. FEMCI attempts to provide a focal point for discussion and distribution of structural analysis knowledge and experience.

FEMCI approaches this goal through monthly meetings, the FEMCI web site, and The Book.

FEMCI meetings are held once or twice monthly and are open to all GSFC civil servants and contractors. At these meetings special topics are presented and analysis problems discussed. Meetings are run by FEMCI members, and presentations are generally given by members as well.

The FEMCI web site houses meeting minutes and presentations as well as a number of instructional web pages known as The Book. The FEMCI book is an online FEM and structural analysis resource geared toward the needs of group members. Specific analysis topics and techniques are described in detail in these pages. The web site and all its information are available to anyone on the internet. Pages are periodically added to the book, usually in conjunction with presentations given at FEMCI meetings. These web pages act as an archive of the information collected from FEMCI members.

FEMCI is a dynamic tool, meant to grow with the needs of its community. It acts as a central location for knowledge capture of FEA and other analytical techniques and attempts to encourage the distribution of that information with the overall goal of improving the accuracy and efficiency of structural analysis at GSFC.

Jeff Bolognese