FEMCI is providing many of the presentations that have been given during regular FEMCI meetings. Also available are the presentations given at the FEMCI Workshops. Unfortunately, not all presentations can be provided, often due to copyright, security or non-disclosure concerns.

All files are available in one or more of the following formats:  Adobe Acrobat,  Microsoft Powerpoint, or  Microsoft Word.

NOTE: Neither FEMCI nor NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is responsible for the accuracy or content of the works made available here unless that work is done by a NASA civil servant. The content is the sole responsibility of the authors/presenters of the works.

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MSC NASTRAN 2005 What's New in MSC.Nastran 2005 Presentation given by MSC November 18, 2004 and made available because of NASA Goddard's contract with MSC. - 3.9MB
Older Presentations still available:
MSC NASTRAN 2004What's New in MSC.Nastran 2004 - 4.8MB
MSC NASTRAN 2001What's New in MSC.Nastran 2001 - 4.3MB
Powerpoint icon Adobe Acrobat icon Lift Stability Analysis - I. Sokolsky Ilene Sokolsky presented on Lift Stability Analysis at the April 1, 2004 FEMCI meeting. Her presentation included an overview of the various analysis methods together with examples showing how to perform the analysis. Both Powerpoint and PDF versions of the presentation are available.
NASTRAN Jitter Analysis Primer - J. Bolognese
Jitter Analysis Approach - A. Liu
Jitter Analysis was the topic at the August 21, 2003 FEMCI meeting. Jeff Bolognese presented a method for performing jitter analysis using NASTRAN. He provides an example using the SDO Mission. Then, Alice Liu presented the mathematical background on jitter analysis for SDO.
Delta II MECO Transient: A Payload Perspective Presented by Scott Gordon, August 1, 2002, this discusses the 115Hz transient sinusoidal MECO (main engine cut off) event. - 630KB
Analysis of Pneumatic Envelopes Frank Baginski of the Department of Mathematics at George Washington University presented on Dec. 6, 2001 an outline for an approach to modeling pneumatic envelopes, with applications to balloons constructed from flat sheets of thin film. - 548KB
MEMS Technology Development Raka Bandyo, a NASA USRP (Undergraduate Student Research Program) student from Michigan Technological University, presented on Oct. 18, 2001 background information on her work on MEMS (Micro-Electromechanical Systems) technology for NGST. - 390KB
Modeling and Analysis of Structural Dynamics for a One-Tenth Scale Model NGST Sunshield Dr. John Johnston presented on April 11, 2001 work he and Sebastien Lienard have done on modeling the NGST sunshield. - 3.1MB
Future Space Science Projects at GSFC James S. Barrowman, Deputy Director of Space Sciences at NASA Goddard, gave a presentation on April 5, 2001 on future projects that Goddard is involved in. - 1.1MB
Primer on A4EI: Computer Code for Bonded Joint Analysis Ben Rodini, of Swales Aerospace, presented on Feb. 15, 2001 an introduction on the use of the program A4EI. A4EI is a bonded-joint analysis program. A Powerpoint version is also available. - 337KB
- FEMCI Humor -
Applied Mathematics

On the lighter side of life, here is a Powerpoint presentation showing the simplification of a mathematical equation. A Powerpoint Presentation file, Applied_Mathematics.ppt is available, or if you prefer, a Powerpoint Show in a Zip file, Enjoy!

FEMCI would like to thank Robert D. McGinty, Ph.D., P.E. of Mercer Engineering Research Center in Warner Robins, Georgia for pointing out an error in the original versions. The correct equation for e is e = lim(1+1/z)z as z goes to infinity. The terms inside the brackets are raised to the power of z, not 2 as in the original version. Thanks Robert for kindly pointing that out!