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    FEMCI Workshop 2001 Poster Session Presentations

    Below is the list of posters that were displayed at the workshop. If the author provided an electronic version, it has been made available.

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    Please take note of the size of the files before downloading as some are quite large. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, click on the icon to the right and you will be taken to the page where you can download it.

    We also have a small Photo Gallery from the Poster and Vendor Session. Take a look and see if you smiled for the camera.

    - Christopher White, Jeffery Hall, Viktor Kerzhanovich - JPL
    Modeling Techniques for the Aerial Deployment of Balloon Systems

    - Shelly Conkey - Swales Aerospace
    Surface Distortion of High Precision Optics Due to Assembly Loads Using FEA
     Acrobat PDF file - 877KB
     MS PowerPoint file - 5.4MB

    - John Johnston - NASA GSFC
    Finite Element Analysis of Thin-Film Membrane Structures
     Acrobat PDF file - 2.1MB

    - Jim Maltby - Veridian Engineering
    Practical External Utility Programs for FE Modeling using SDRC I-DEAS Master Series
     Acrobat PDF file - 1.9MB
     MS PowerPoint file - .5MB

    - Jim Loughlin - NASA GSFC
    Ultimate Strength of 1.5µm Thick Single Crystal Silicon

    - Ryan Simmons - NASA GSFC
    Miles' Equation
     Acrobat PDF file - 57KB
     MS Word file - .5MB

    - Karim Iman - Orbital Sciences Corp.
    SOFIA Telescope Assembly Controlled Response Utilizing NASTRAN and MATLAB/Simulink for Pointing Analysis
     Acrobat PDF file - 97KB
     MS PowerPoint file - 243KB
     Additional AVI movie file

    - Kara Slade - NASA Langley
    Issues and Techniques in Finite Element Modeling of Thin-Film Structures
     Acrobat PDF file - 371KB
     MS PowerPoint file - 1.4MB

    - Jim Loughlin - NASA GSFC
    Magnetic Actuation of MEMS Micro-shutters

    - Massimo Ruzzene, Luca Mazzarella, Panagiotis Tsopelas, and Fabrizio Scarpa - Catholic University of America
    Control of Vibration and Wave Propagation in Sandwich Structures with Auxetic Cellular Cores
     Acrobat PDF file - .6MB

    - Wayne Chen - NASA GSFC
    Snap-thru Hinge Buckling of a Composite Antenna Boom
     Acrobat PDF file - .6MB

    - John Johnston - NASA GSFC
    Analysis and Testing of a One-Tenth Scale Model NGST Sunshield
     Acrobat PDF file - 3.2MB

    - John Carro - Orbital Sciences Corp.
    Thermal Characterization of a 4" Honeycomb Panel for NASTRAN
     Acrobat PDF file - 583KB
     MS PowerPoint file - 5.3MB