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FEMCI Workshop Presentations

Workshop presentations are given below. All are in Adobe Acrobat format and most are also in Microsoft Powerpoint format. Additional movie files are provided for the presentations that used them. If the Powerpoint version is used, then the movies should be visible in the presentation when the movie files are placed in the same directory as the Powerpoint file.

Any questions regarding the content of the presentations should be directed to the author of the work and not to FEMCI.

Presentation Title

Julie Kramer White, NASA Engineering Safety Center (NESC)

NASA Engineering Safety Center Mechanical Analysis SPRT Contributions to Return to Flight

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 10.2MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 3.7MB
Movie file MPEG Movie - 5.8MB

Victor Eyo, NASA Wallops Flight Facility
Chip Frohlich, Swales

CREAM Instrument Support Structure Design

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 16.6MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 2.2MB

Lucas Horta & Mercedes C. Reaves, NASA Langley

Structural Testing and FEM Model Update of an Inflatable/Rigidizable Torus Structure

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 4.0MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 1.0MB
Movie file NastMode8.mpg - 750KB
Movie file TestMode6.mpg - 750KB

Thomas Magee, JHU APL

Thermal Modeling and Model Correlation of the LORRI Telescope

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 12.5MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 6.0MB

Dr. Chan-Gi Pak, NASA Dryden

Updating Finite Element Model to Match Ground Vibration Test

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 12.0MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 1.4MB

Cengiz Kunt, Andrew Bartoszyk, Steve Hendricks & Ben Rodini, Swales, Tim Carnahan & John Johnston, NASA Goddard, & Jonathan Kuhn

Design and Analysis of the JWST Integrated Science Instrument Module (ISIM)

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 7.2MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 2.3MB
Movie file AVI Movie - 630KB

James St. Ville & Subby Rajan, Hawthorne & York, Ashok Belegundu, Pennsylvania State Univ.

Coarse and Fine-Grain Parallelism for Inverse Design Optimization

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 2.0MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 1.0MB


Tim Morris, NAFEMS

Engineering Simulation: Is Your Analysis Fit For Purpose?

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 7.0MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 1.5MB


Jaap Wijker, Dutch Space BV

An Adapted FEM/BEM Approach to Analyze the Structural Responses of Solar Arrays Exposed to a Reverberant Sound Field

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 9.7MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 1.0MB

Gregory Walsh, Orbital Sciences

Application of CSA Whole Spacecraft Isolation Systems to the Hubble Robotic Servicing Mission

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 22.5MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 6.3MB
Movie file Mode 1 - 600KB
Movie file Mode 2 - 480KB
Movie file Mode 3 - 480KB

Gregory Michels, Sigmadyne

Design optimization of system level adaptive optical performance

Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 1.3MB

Andrew Bartoszyk, Swales Aerospace

Current Progress on the Design and Analysis .of the JWST ISIM Bonded Joints .for Survivability at Cryogenic Temperatures

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 6.0MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 500KB

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