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FEMCI Workshop Posters

The following people presented posters at the FEMCI Workshop 2005. We would like to thank them for their participation. If you have any questions, please direct them to the authors of the work.

Poster Title

Keejoo Lee & Sung W. Lee, University of Maryland

Structural Analysis of Scientific Balloons Using Assumed Strain Formulation Solid Shell Finite Elements

Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 500KB

Douglas Neill & Ted Rose, The MacNeal Group

Process Integration Tools for NASTRAN-centric Finite Element Simulation Software

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 2.6MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 2.7MB

Mike Sasdelli, ABAQUS

Skin-Stringer Composite Joint Fracture/Failure Analysis using ABAQUS VCCT Technology


Kyle Indermuehle, ATA Engineering

Skin-Stringer Composite Joint Fracture/Failure Analysis using ABAQUS VCCT Technology


Gregory Michels, Victor Genberg, Keith Doyle, Gary Bisson, Sigmadyne

Design optimization of actuator layouts of adaptive optics using a genetic algorithm

Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 150KB

Jason Budinoff, NASA GSFC

Design & Optimization of the Spherical Primary Optical Telescope (SPOT) Primary Mirror Segment

JPEG - 5.5MB

Brian Baillargeon, ABAQUS

Utilizing the Finite Element Method to Analyze the Active Vibration Suppression of Structural Systems

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 890KB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 226KB

Christopher Chrzanowski & Charles Frohlich, Swales Aerospace

Using Nastran and Matlab to Predict Surface Figure Error of a Spherical Mirror

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 6.0MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 2.5MB

Terry Fan, Swales Aerospace

JWST Mega Model Studies

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 650KB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 1.1MB

Daniel Young, Andrew Bartoszyk & Cengiz Kunt, Swales, Emmanuel Cofie, Mega & John Johnston, NASA GSFC

Development & Optimization of Kinematic Mounts for NIRCam, a JWST ISIM Scientific Instrument

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 2.5MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 5.3MB

Subby Rajan, HYI

Moving Towards Volumetrically Controlled Manufacturing


William Bowen

Dynamic Load Analysis of a 1960's Vintage Sports Car Chassis

Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 500KB
MS Word file MS Word File - 44KB


CREAM Instrument Support Structure Design


Adiga Viswambhara, Piper Aircraft

Service Experience Validation of FEM analysis for the Piper Seminole Engine Mount

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 9.0MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 2.0MB

Zoran Martinovic & Jeffrey Cerro, NASA LaRC, Lloyd Eldred, Swales, Philip Su, Raytheon

3D Finite Element Based Structures Tools - For Rapid Trades & Design Mass Estimation

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 7.0MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 1.5MB

Tony Abbey, Noran Engineering, Inc.

MAC and Ortho MAC correlation in NEiNastran version 8.4


Scott Gordon, Brian Ross, Dan Worth & Dan Kaufman, NASA GSFC

Validation of Base-Driven Modal Survey Capability

Powerpoint presentation Powerpoint - 10.7MB
Acrobat presentation Acrobat - 600KB

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